Between Challenge & Relaxation on Two Wheels

Two bikes - countless kilometres - mountains that challenge: When you ride a road bike in the Black Forest, you can really let off steam and switch off your mind.
With its breathtaking mountain and flatland routes, the Black Forest will thrill every racing cyclist's heart.


As a hobby racing cyclist, you will find sections that suit your fitness level but still challenge you.  As a professional racing cyclist, the Black Forest already has your personal training route ready. Challenging, exhausting and satisfying - want to bet?


With the road bike in the Black Forest: the mountain routes

The pulse races, the muscles burn, adrenalin flows through the veins. Everything comes together when you ride a road bike: The physical challenges and the somewhat different adrenaline kick at enormous speed. Try out one of the breathtaking mountain routes that the Black Forest has to offer.

Phew, quite strenuous: the effort is rewarded, because after the sweaty part, the ride up the mountain and many, many metres in altitude, you forget the physical exertion - thanks to the magnificent view.

But it gets even better: now comes the descent, where all adrenalin junkies get their money's worth. The Black Forest offers many challenges, especially for racing cyclists. Mountains such as the Belchen, the Hochblauen or the Feldberg make even the racing bike pros sweat and the heart smile.

Very relaxed: The flatland routes

The way is the goal. If you prefer a more relaxed and peaceful way to enjoy the magnificent scenery, you should definitely ride one of the flatland routes in the Black Forest. With their long, flat stretches, they offer the best opportunity to pick up speed. And best of all, you can enjoy the beautiful nature and wonderful scenery while road cycling in the Black Forest. Without any exertion, but with complete relaxation.

Plan your own road bike tour through the Black Forest

We will be happy to help you plan your individual road bike tour through the Black Forest.

After the feat of strength comes relaxation

What could be better than relaxing after a long road bike tour and winding down in the evening? Relax your body from the day's exertions to be fit and refreshed to plan the next road bike tours through the Black Forest.

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