cities & culture

The Southern Black Forest offers numerous opportunities to spend your holiday. These include, of course, cities such as Freiburg, Colmar, Basel or communities such as Staufen and Münstertal. In addition, the Southern Black Forest offers a rich cultural programme for young and old. Visit cultural sites such as the Franciscan monastery of St. Trudpert, the mining museums or the bee museum in Münstertal.




Freiburg has three million visitors a year... and you could soon be one of them. Visit Freiburg, which can be reached in 30 minutes, and explore the old town with the Freiburg Cathedral or simply go shopping.




Staufen forms a municipality with Münstertal. Visit the Staufen castle ruins here or the doll museum, which moved from Freiburg to Staufen in 2010. Or simply stroll through the listed historic town centre.



Visit the third largest city in Switzerland and explore the city with its many sights. Have a romantic meal on the banks of the Rhine, visit the Basel Cathedral or take a look at the Basel City Hall.




You like the darkness ? Are you interested in underground history ? Then the Southern Black Forest is the right place for you. Visit the Schauinsland museum mine 5km away or the Finstergrund mine in Wieden.


Dom St. Blasien

St. Blasien is a climatic Kneipp health resort in the southern Black Forest. Visit the third largest cathedral in Europe there, the famous St. Blasien Cathedral. Concerts or various festivals are held here regularly.


House of Nature

Hike from the hotel to the Feldberg and visit the House of Nature there. Learn more about the tasks of the nature park here or take a look at the permanent exhibition about animals and plants in the nature park.



Visit the Reesenhof in Bernau, which was built in 1789 and is now a local history museum. Learn more about the way of life of the people of the Black Forest 200 years ago.