Grüner Baum

Inn since 1758 - warm hospitality with tradition

The mountain inn "Grüner Baum" has been around since 1758 - making it the oldest inn in the small mountain village of Muggenbrunn. The building was constructed around 18 years earlier. First set up as an inn by Johann Wißler, he then ran the inn for 50 years. Some time later, a residential house was set up opposite the inn, which provided visitors with guest rooms and also served them as a dance hall. This happened in 1839 - the "Grüner Baum" became the inn of the "better people" at this time.

Over the next few years, the house served as a post office, among other things. It was also used as a stop for stagecoach traffic - including drinking troughs and facilities for changing horses. The establishment of a telegraph station and the activity as a post office owner brought the then owner Jakob Wißler an annual turnover of 50 marks. After the "Motorverkehr Freiburg - Todtnau GmbH" was established in Todtnau, the stagecoach service was finally replaced by a motor vehicle line in 1915.

Fire damage and reopening 

Both in January 1900 and in 2004, the inn was destroyed by fire. The last landlady from the original owner family is Helga Hauf, née Wißler, who restored it in 1900 directly after the fire and finally reopened it. After the inn was initially closed in 1989 and the house was set up for expatriates and migrants, hotelier Hubert Albiez took over the inn in 1996 with Gastro-Team Albiez GmbH. Another fire in 2004 prompted our family to carry out a complete renovation. Since 2005, the hotel has been resplendent in all its new splendour. The originality of the Black Forest house with the rustic Pfännle-Stube or the tiled stove parlour was preserved and the rooms, the wellness area and the reception area were renovated in warm, friendly colours and with lots of light wood.

Historical facts about Todtnau & Muggenbrunn

Would you like to learn more about the history of the town of Todtnau and about Muggenbrunn? We can recommend the historical tour. The Green Tree is also part of this tour, where you will be given an insight into the long history (station 8). At other stations, for example, information is provided about the town's school and town hall (station 2) as well as what is probably the oldest house (station 5) - the "Salzhaus". At the fourth station of the tour, for example, you will learn something about the origins and development of skiing in Todtnau.

The total of 21 stations on the historical tour give you special insights. On the tour, you can choose between the small and the large village tour. While the small tour can be completed within half an hour with a comfortable walk, you will need about twice as long for the large tour. With differences in altitude of up to 100 metres, you can also expect a higher level of difficulty. Besides the historical tour, there is more to discover in Muggenbrunn, such as:

  • Adventure circuit
  • Barefoot path
  • Children's playground
  •  Muggenbrunn adventure trail with Mugg

You can find more information here