Explore the special nature and unique surroundings on four paws

Dear dog, you are very welcome here and may even bring your humans with you, because we are a family-friendly dog hotel in the Black Forest. That's why it's perfectly understandable for us: on a Black Forest holiday, humans and dogs are allowed in the hotel. This way you can explore the Black Forest together. And as a dog-friendly hotel in the Black Forest, we even welcome you in the restaurant.


For a small surcharge of €15, your humans can enjoy a holiday in a hotel with a dog in the Black Forest - and the best thing is: if you bring along an animal buddy, the surcharge per pet is reduced. Look forward to long walks and hikes through the beautiful nature of the Black Forest, with many exciting sniffing routes for you and great views for your humans. Especially comfortable for you and your family is the fact that holidays in Germany are particularly stress-free for you. You don't need a European pet passport, proven vaccinations or other entry requirements as you would abroad.


This is what your human should consider when booking:

  • Surcharge of 15€: In order to perfectly prepare the stay in our hotel with dog in the Black Forest, we charge a fee of only 15€ per day. If you have more than one pet, the surcharge increases slightly, so that 2 dogs, for example, only cost 25€.
  • Booking process: Dogs are welcome in our hotel in the Black Forest - we just need to know. In order for the holiday to be relaxed, we need a few details about the animal companion. In the enquiry form, you can enter the number of pets as well as any special features. For dogs that are particularly sensitive to noise, for example, a room facing the mountain can be requested.
  • Leashed please: For a relaxed coexistence, whether with humans, other dogs or game in the area, we ask that dogs be leashed. Dogs are allowed almost everywhere: In the restaurant for dinner and elsewhere in the hotel. Only in the wellness area are humans allowed to relax alone. Then the dog has the day off in the room.
  • Our dog service: For the perfect dog hotel in the Black Forest feeling, we provide the following services at reception:
    • Food storage in the fridge or freezer
    • Food and drinking bowls
    • A cosy blanket & towels for drying out
    • Dog waste bags at the reception

Staying in a hotel with a dog in the Black Forest: beautiful hiking trails & lots of nature

The Black Forest is one of the most beautiful places in Germany. The particularly beautiful surroundings of our hotel offer people and dogs the opportunity to spend a unique holiday in the Black Forest. The Black Forest nature experience - with its many possibilities for active leisure activities - is worth a trip - for the WHOLE family. Quick walks, just a few minutes in the forest, on the mountain meadow, or at the roadside with a little bag, are not an issue in our hotel. Here, you can let your dog run wild through the fields, woods and meadows while your human relaxes. Explore the surrounding countryside, take a trip to Schluchsee and enjoy the unique flair of the Black Forest. A holiday in a hotel with a dog in the Black Forest will be a completely new experience of nature for you that cannot be compared to the city park or city forest. We will make sure that you have a carefree and relaxing holiday in a dog hotel in the Black Forest.